Posts about Geometry

Geometry : Voxels and Cube Puzzles

Voxel models are nice so I made an interactive viewer to help people reproduce some of my original cube-based modular origami models.

Created on May 11, 2024.

Geometry : Structures made with Dodecahedra or Icosahedra

What kind of structures would you be able to build if you had a few hundred or thousand dodecahedra or icosahedra at hand ? A surprising answer is Golden Rhombic Solids among other things like tree and flower like structures.

Created on August 26, 2023.

Geometry : Polycubes

Once again, I am making a viewer, this time the challenge is about handling very large datasets of polycubes. Everything started from a YouTube video, what a surprise !

Created on August 16, 2023. Last update on September 9, 2023.

Geometry : Vertex topology in 3D space

I've already tackled the problem in 2D. Here is the rest of the story in one more dimension. It is unexpectedly simple ! Yeah !

Created on August 8, 2022. Last update on May 25, 2023.

Geometry : Geomag Models and Search Bar

I have added a new feature to the viewer, namely a way to search for a specific polyhedron according to its number of vertices, faces and other filters. There is also new Geomag and Supermag models as well as the corresponding render style.

Created on March 11, 2023.

Geometry : Golden Rhombic and Edge Augmented Polyhedra

The golden ratio is a mathematic wonder that when applied to polyhedra outputs a new category surprising by its properties. It led to edge augmented polyhedra and some improvements of the viewers.

Created on January 21, 2023.

Geometry : Parquet Polygon Explorer

In a previous post, I have presented parquet polygons. I have transposed the generation code into JavaScript and made an interactive viewer out of it.

Created on October 1, 2022. Last update on October 1, 2022.

Geometry : Finding new regular faced polyhedra using Stella

I like playing with magnets but it is limited to simple models with a few hundreds of elements at most. Here I show my results of using Stella software to produce more complex model using repetitive actions.

Created on September 24, 2022. Last update on September 24, 2022.

Geometry : Making my own polyhedra using Supermag magnets

During my childhood, my parents bought me Legos, K'nex, Megabloks and Meccano sets. Apart from the Lego, the only ones I have kept are my three boxes of Supermag Magnetic Genius.

Created on August 20, 2022. Last update on April 21, 2023.

Geometry : Discovery of Lobel Frames

During my quest towards polyhedron with regular faces, I have discovered the work of a lifetime by Alain Lobel, a French architect. This is will be the first of many post on the subject.

Created on August 8, 2022. Last update on August 8, 2022.

Geometry : Interactive Galleries of Polyhedra

As a complement to the main viewer, here are galleries for the polyhedra organized by family.

Created on July 18, 2022. Last update on July 23, 2022.

Geometry : Possible polygonal arrangements around a vertex

The interest arose during some thinking about the arrangement of faces around the vertex of a polyhedron. Here is the solution in 2D.

Created on July 17, 2022. Last update on July 17, 2022.

Geometry : Prisms with Parquet Faces

The idea behind parquet polygons is to extend regular polygons to convex shapes made of them. Here, I will show what they look like and how to generate them. At the end, they will be turned into prisms to be viewed with the polyhedra viewer !

Created on June 27, 2022. Last update on June 27, 2022.

Geometry : Polyhedra Viewer using Three.js

Here is the full screen interactive viewer for polyhedra. I will use it to display all the polyhedra I have found over the internet or made by myself.

Created on June 26, 2022. Last update on June 26, 2022.

Geometry : Interactive network of the convex regular-faced polyhedra

Even though I have not explained anything about convex polyhedra with regular faces yet, I have decided to post this network first. It is a tool I have made to better visualize the construction relationship between the many solids.

Created on December 3, 2018. Last update on January 25, 2019.