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But also rendering, Supermag and modular origami.

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Posts :

Geometry : Voxels and Cube Puzzles

Voxel models are nice so I made an interactive viewer to help people reproduce some of my original cube-based modular origami models.

Created on May 11, 2024.

Origami part 7 : Polycubes

From a simple origami module, you can make thousands of polycube shapes and customize them to your heart's content !

Created on April 15, 2024.

Origami part 6 : Archimedean solids

During the summer, I got my hand on 4 sets of origami papers with 10 colors each so I spend some time building modular origami version of Archimedean solids.

Created on April 14, 2024.

Origami part 5 : Johnson Coronas

From the Johnson solids, at the end of the list are the coronas, I made a modular origami version of them using tracing paper quite some time ago now.

Created on April 13, 2024.

Rendering : IES format and ray files for lights

In the lighting industry, the light emitted by a luminaire is either described by an intensity file or by a set of rays.

Created on September 12, 2023.

Geometry : Structures made with Dodecahedra or Icosahedra

What kind of structures would you be able to build if you had a few hundred or thousand dodecahedra or icosahedra at hand ? A surprising answer is Golden Rhombic Solids among other things like tree and flower like structures.

Created on August 26, 2023.

Geometry : Polycubes

Once again, I am making a viewer, this time the challenge is about handling very large datasets of polycubes. Everything started from a YouTube video, what a surprise !

Created on August 16, 2023. Last update on September 9, 2023.

Misc : Bad Apple Voxel Animation

Running the Bad Apple video on any device is an entertaining challenge on the internet. I had the idea when working on the polycube viewer.

Created on August 16, 2023.

Geometry : Vertex topology in 3D space

I've already tackled the problem in 2D. Here is the rest of the story in one more dimension. It is unexpectedly simple ! Yeah !

Created on August 8, 2022. Last update on May 25, 2023.

Misc : Supermag and Geomag Collection

How great would it be to view and share you magnet collection with the world ?

Created on May 18, 2023. Last update on May 18, 2023.

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